Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shahrud, 1 July 2016

Shahrud lies on the ancient Silk Road with rich culture and rich in nature; surrounded by protected areas, desert, high mountains and not far from Hyrcanian forests.
My parents lives there and in every visit I have a opportunity to birding in one of Shahrud's parks (Abshar Park) which located at the foothills of shahrud's northern heights.
Here is a summary of my birding in there this summer:

It seems a pair of Shikra breeding in the park. However I couldn't locate the nest.

female Shikra

female Accipiter badius

Golden Oriole

I'm not sure about the id of this juv Wheatear. maybe Pied?
Alborz is a hybrid zone for Pied and Black-eared Wheatears

juvenile Pied Wheatear?

juvenile Pied Wheatear?

Hipparchia parisatis?

Schneider's Skink?

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